MH CET Chapter wise marks weightage


Some of the important chapters for MHT CET exam for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology are Simple Harmonic Motion, P-block Elements, Ionic Equilibrium, Genetics, S-block Elements, Biomolecules, Alcohol Phenol Ether, Physics of Nucleus and Cell. To check detailed information about MHT CET most important topics and chapters, Check the list given below.

MH CET Chapter wise marks weightage

MHT CET important chapter, MHT CET marks weightage, MHT CET chapter wise weightage, MHT CET topic wise weightage, MHT CET, Marks weightageTo drill down more to individual chapters or sub-topics,  you may note that the most important chapter is

  • 7% weightage Systematics
  • 6% weightage Genetics
  • 5% weightage for Genetics Molecular
  • 5% weightage Basis Inheritance
  • 5% weightage Chemical Coordination.
  • 4% weightage for Animal Morpho,
  • 4% weightage Cell
  • 4% weightage Reproduction in Higher Plants.

Topics with 3% weightage in MHT CET exam

  • 3% weightage for Animal tissues
  • 3% weightage for Plant morpho
  • 3% weightage for Monera
  • 3% weightage for Plantae
  • 3% weightage for Mineral nutrients
  • 3% weightage for Photosynthesis
  • 3% weightage for Animal reproduction
  • 3% weightage for Dev
  • 3% weightage for microbes in human welfare
  • 3% weightage for Origin of life
  • 3% weightage for Environmental issues
  • 3% weightage for Animalia
  • 3% weightage for Anatomy of flowering plants
  • 3% weightage for Biodiversity

 Chapter with 2% weightage

  • 2% weightage for Chordata
  • 2% weightage for Cell Division
  • 2% weightage for Cell respiration
  • 2% weightage for Plant Growth
  • 2% weightage for Plan water relations
  • 2% weightage for Animal Nutrition
  • 2% weightage for Sensory system
  • 2% weightage for Application of biotechnology
  • 2% weightage for Biotechnology principles and processes
  • 2% weightage for Ecology
  • 2% weightage for Plant Breeding
  • 2% weightage for Circulation of body fluids
  • 2% weightage for Biomedical Technologies

Chapters with 1% weightage

  • 1% weightage for Fungi
  • 1% weightage for Protista
  • 1% weightage for Animal respiration
  • 1% weightage for Excretion
  • 1% weightage for Movement and locomotion
  • 1% weightage for Nervous coordination
  • 1% weightage for Animal Husbandry

The least important chapter score wise will be growth repair and regeneration.

It will be good for students to note that these weight ages are not definitive and final. These are indications basis previous years examination papers. It is always advisable to study the complete syllabus as recommended by the Directorate of Medical Education and Research (DMER) for the MHT CET 2016 examination.

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